A pack of 2 nail polish coats, an Empower Base Coat that serves as a ridge filler & nail primer, and a Gel Shine Top Coat for a gel-like finish for long-lasting manicures.

2 Pack Bundle

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Polish Bundle 

Empower Base Coat 

This base coat serves as a ridge filler & nail primer for both natural and artificial nails. It has a matte finish providing a perfect surface for nail wrap adhesion. Base coat increases the life of your manicure while preventing chipping & tip wear. Contains Vitamin B12. 

Gel Shine Top Coat  

This 5-FREE top coat creates a beautiful gel-like finish & allows your manicures to last longer while giving a perfect shine. No UV light is necessary and dries quickly upon application. 

Instructions: Apply one coat of the base coat, and allow it to dry. Apply your favorite style of nail wrap! Lastly, apply the top coat for shine & protection. Enjoy! 

Keep out of reach of children. Made in the USA