How To Apply - Nail Wraps (


  1. Wash hands & push cuticles back using tool included
  2. Clean nails well with alcohol wipe to remove oils
  3. Lightly buff the top of your nail using smooth side of file
  4. Select proper size nail wrap for best nail coverage
  5. Remove protective clear cover off top of the nail strip
  6. Peel polish strip from backing paper
  7. Apply polish strips to nail gently stretching for a perfect fit. To realign, peel nail strip and re-adjust, just not too much or it will lessen the adhesive.
  8. Press and smooth strip until wrinkle-free
  9. Remove excess by creasing strip at nails edge and filing downward
  10. Use smooth finishing side of the file to smooth your nail tips
  11. To extend wear, apply a thin topcoat across front nail edge
  12. ENJOY YOUR BEAUTIFUL MANICURE! Feel Good & Look Fabulous