What are nail wraps? 
Nail wraps are real nail polish adhesive strips that can be easily placed over your nails, giving them a fresh-look design as often as you like. Vegan & cruelty free! 

How do I apply nail wraps?
Choose the correct size, peel if off and press it evenly over your nail. Fold down and crease end while filing away the excess nail wrap with provided nail file. Once you are familiar, putting on nail wraps for all your fingers shouldn't take more than 10 mins. No drying time is needed! 

Click here to see instructions on how to easily apply!   

How many nail wraps are there in each set?
Stylish Nail Wraps comes with 16 nail wraps in 8 different sizes. 

There are large wraps to fit your thumbs and smaller ones for the pinkies. Don't throw away the unused wraps, as you can mix-and-match them with other designs for future use. 

What if I can't find a size that fits?
Our nail wraps allow a little stretching, so the easiest way is to go for a slightly smaller size and stretch it to cover your nail. You may still see a little gap around the edges, but it is too pretty to notice. If you're really annoyed by any gaps, then find the best fitting size that is a little larger than your nail. Apply the nail wrap as per normal, and use a cuticle cutter to trim the excess away. 

Another trick is to place a piece of scotch tape on your nail and make an outline with a pen. Then you can place the scotch tape on the wrap and cut to the perfect size to fit each finger. 

How do I remove those bubbles and wrinkles right after application? 
If bubbles, creases or wrinkles arise right after you have pasted the nail wrap, no worries. Slowly peel the nail wrap off until you reach the problem spots, then give the nail wrap a soft stretch and re-attach it onto your nail. 
How can I ensure the nail wraps stick on my nails? 
Our nail wraps attach best to clean, dry nails. So we recommend washing your hands first to remove any oils. Dry your nails thoroughly before applying and wipe with the alcohol wipes.  Hand creams, cuticle oils and similar products will affect adhesion. They can still be used, after you have applied the nail wraps but give them some time to adhere before placing in water or lotions.  

What tips do you have to get the nails to last longest? 

  • Apply your nail wraps at night and allow them to cure overnight before submerging in water. This gives more time for the nail to bond and dry. 
  • When using water you may wish to use gloves for dishes.
  • Apply a thin layer of top coat for protective finish & swipe across the top edge of each nail for best seal. If you notice any lifting simply apply the top coat and reseal to your nails. 

What are nail wraps made of? 
Layers of nail polish inks are printed via different methods over a specially formulated adhesive, to produce the patterns and colors that are unique to each design. We use real nail polish in our wraps. No harmful fumes when you open the package. These products are also cruelty-free and vegan.  

How long do they last?
Once applied, our nail wraps should last 7 -10 days.

Duration may vary based on daily activities. We can not guarantee how long each manicure will last. 

Without opening the package, our nail wraps can be kept up to 18 months if stored in a cool dry place. 
Do I need to apply a top coat*? 
Our nail wraps are treated with a top coat finishing to give a bit of gloss. We do recommend a thin layer of top coat for long wear and smooth feel & finish.  

*Please test your top coat on one nail wrap before applying to the rest of your nails. Want to ensure the top coat you select does not effect the nail polish strip before use. 

How to remove nail wraps? 
You can use a cotton pad soaked with regular nail polish remover, and gently wipe over your nails, just like how you would remove nail polish. Or you may apply cuticle oil to your nails and gently peel the wrap off for ease and convenience starting at the cuticle and going forward to the tip. 

Who do we contact for questions? 
Please reach out to us at info@embraceyourstylenails.com