Purple not Periwinkle Gel Nail Wraps (SG085)

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Semi-cured gel is real gel nail polish that is cured at 60% & simply applied like a nail wrap. These strips require UV light to cure, seal and harden to your nails for a mani that will last 14+ days! They are thicker than our standard wraps which helps those with nails that may be thin or brittle. Also, excellent if you are traveling and want your polish to last a really LONG time! 

The strips accommodate all nail bed sizes and has some stretch as needed. In addition, the clear back makes sizing to your nails a breeze! There is a clear plastic cover over each wrap, simply remove, peel, apply & file or trim off the excess. After applying these MUST be cured for 60 seconds under a UV light. NO TOP COAT REQUIRED! Just CURE & GO! Make sure your edges are tight with wooden tool provided to ensure a nice seal. Do not cure until you are sure they are exactly as you want them.

We offer affordable lamps in our ACCESSORIES section. These strips should be kept in dark wrapping to avoid curing before application and kept away from lamp while curing your sets. 

Removal is so easy! Gently break the seal and use nail polish remover under the strip to remove. Other methods include soaking hands & coconut oil to loosen the adhesive. The clips & cotton method will work but it takes time & patience. Find the best method for you, but don't just peel & pry as you want to avoid any nail trauma.